Canned Food Organizer 5 Row/55 can

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This organizer holds 55 cans in a four-row design. You can mount it vertically on the kitchen walls based on the colours you choose. There are various colors available with this canned food pantry organizer.

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It is estimated that 55 cans of food will be stored and rotated on the shelves. By adding this wall mount item to your home, you can free up space in your kitchen and pantry for your flour and sugar. Organize one shelf exclusively for your dog’s canned food.
In a canned good cabinet, you can organize and rotate pet foods like Blue, Purina, Nutro, Pedigree, and Ol’RoyOl’Roy. When you order today, you’ll receive free shipping. If you are ordering canned dog food, please set down one row. Product dimensions are 37.5″” high by 32.75″” wide by 8.25″” deep

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