About Us

We started this business back in 2020 when covid claimed both of our jobs. With a great idea from Brittany, Nick put his carpentry skills to work in doubt that this idea was ever going to work. What started out as just something to get us by until other job openings opened up led into a full scale business. We never knew how desirable this product was and it has been loads of fun seeing the excitement from people when they purchase and receive their products. These aren’t your traditional Chinese plastic products. These are a ton of work to construct and perfect to be the best on the market. Our products are made of the highest quality hand picked wood and made here in America with American products by the American worker and built to last.

NIK & BRITS is canned food organizer company that strives to produce long lasting and higher quality products. Our company was founded in 2020 after both of us lost our jobs to covid. Nick put his carpentry skills to use when Brittany came up with a great idea that was going to work. In what began as a simple means of working to get things done until other job opportunities became available, it developed into a full-fledged business.

The product was not anticipated to be as desirable as it is and seeing people’s excitement upon receiving their product has been a great experience. NIK & BRITstraditional plastic products. There is a great deal of work involved in the construction and perfecting of these to make them the best in the industry.

Our products are made from the highest quality hand picked wood and manufactured in the United States by American workers who rely on American products. This organizer holds 11 to 55 cans in a single to multiple rows. You can place it vertically and horizontally based on your choice. This canned food pantry organizer comes in six colours for you to choose from our inventory.

Your kitchen will be more attractive with our canned food organizer. Are you interested? We have a fantastic collection of online food storage, including all sorts of food and appliances for you to choose from in our inventory. It is a true luxury to have the ability to store food in canned form. Suppose you are searching for a way to organize soup or vegetable cans in your pantry or cupboard. In that case, this product is a wonderful option because it can also serve as a vegetable can organizer.