Canned Food Organizer, 2 Row 22 Can

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This organizer holds 22 cans and is in a double row design. You can place it vertically and horizontally based on your choice. This canned food pantry organizer comes in eight colours for you to choose from our inventory

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For smaller kitchens, this is the ideal size for storing a variety of canned foods and soups. Strong pine wood construction is made for durability, but the item is light enough to be mounted in smaller areas.

You can easily access this by hanging it on your kitchen wall. The decision is yours. Organize your pantry shelves and make room for other essential items with this canned food organizer or can soup organizer. These are the dimensions: 37.5″” tall, 13.5″” wide and 8.25″” deep. Be sure to add this to your cart now

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